Service Awards

At H.W. Holdsworth Recognition and Rewards, we understand the importance of motivation to the success of business.

That is why we help companies with an array of rewards schemes. We realise that in today's complex and ever changing workforce a wage is not always enough of an incentive to drive your employees. If you want to achieve true success then you need to find ways to acknowledge, reward and inspire your staff, you need to recognise and motivate your employees, which is where our service awards programs can assist you.

Service awards are based on a fundamental understanding of human psychology. As children we are rewarded for our successes, throughout our schooling and in all sports, the better we perform the greater we are rewarded. The awareness of the reward and the sense of achievement this creates are a powerful driving force in all of us. This doesn't change as we grow up, we are still motivated by the reward and have our eyes on the prize.

H.W. Holdsworth can help your company with service awards. We have over 125 years of experience in helping businesses implement and run a number of different employee reward schemes.

Our service awards will help your company to achieve goals and targets, service awards can be used in marketing, attracting and retaining staff and also help clarify strategic direction.

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Our service awards range of gifts include:

  • Accessories
  • Audio-visual
  • Clocks & Barometers
  • Crystal & Giftware
  • Home Wares
  • Jewellery
  • Optical
  • Pens
  • Power Tools
  • Tableware
  • Travel Goods
  • Sports
  • Watches

All our service awards are either engraved directly onto the gift or are accompanied with an engraved key tag.

Our service awards programmes are tailored to meet your own individual service awards criteria.

Current service awards clients include both Australian and International companies from Government, Not for profit and the Private sectors. Industries include, mining, rail, finance, education, computing, media, retail, motor vehicle, grocery, science, technology, media, non-profit and healthcare.

H.W. Holdsworth can help with every aspect of your service awards program, including: Set of golf clubs

  • efficient and friendly service
  • prestigious brand name products
  • customised and easy to use online ordering system
  • gift wrapping corporate gifts
  • supply certificates, badges and plaques with individual engraving
  • delivery worldwide
  • manage international award databases

Contact us to find out exactly how we can customise a service awards program to meet your requirements.